With over 800TB of data insights, diligence and analytics, Helio can provide you with a suite of solutions.


Identify key theme, attribute and growth trends, as well as white space in adjacent categories.

Who We Help

  • R&D Teams
  • Innovation Teams
  • Strategy Teams

Feed Innovation

  • Emerging flavor and ingredient trends
  • Breakdown dynamics of entering new market segments
  • Build confidence in the TAM of a line extension before making the move

Optimize Path to Market

  • What is the best path to market for my brand?
  • Do we need a DTC offering?
  • Where is there retail whitespace?
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Identify and diligence you next breakout CPG investment, and then provide post-close value add.

Who We Help

  • Venture Capital Funds
  • M&A Teams
  • Corporate Development Teams

Source More Efficiently

  • Discover entities (brands, products, etc)
  • Remove irrelevant entries
  • Classify and categorize
  • Define unique entities
  • Associate and aggregate data points (entity resolution)

Enhance Your Diligence

  • Review offline sales and door growth
  • Assess social media engagement and reviews
  • Review attribute and category trend data to deepen your investment hypotheses
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Gain insights into trends and category leaders and conduct brand comparisions against key sales, distribution and social data sets. Identify a brand's review sentiment, social presence, and organic traffic growth.

Who We Help

  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Teams
  • Category Managers

Keep Tabs on Competitors

  • Revenue growth
  • Door growth
  • Paid versus organic growth
  • Social media growth
  • Brand equitity and consumer sentiment

Improve Digital Strategy

  • Digital performance benchmarking
  • Social media performance
  • Consumer review sentiment
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"Helio's brand diligence analysis helped us make an investment case in a fraction of the time it would have taken our team to do manually."

- Nico MacDonagh, Investor Btomorrow Ventures

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