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Discover rich, data-backed consumer insights that will set your business apart from the rest and drive revenue with Helio.

The Value of Consumer Insights in Today’s World

Maintaining a pulse on your consumers is critical for CPG leaders in every department. Helio provides instant access to millions of customer reviews, so you can make customer-centric decisions that drive your innovation, product development and launch processes.

A Comprehensive View: Helio’s Consumer Insight Data Sources

Helio’s consumer review data enables you to extract insights from customer reviews and analyze keywords, purchase criteria, and more.

Consumer Reviews

Helio aggregates 300M+ consumer reviews from primary sources like Amazon, Target, Ulta, Chewy and more so you can see what consumers are saying about your brand and your competitors.

Consumer Sentiment

Helio analyzes consumer reviews to programmatically associate reviews with positive, negative or neutral sentiment. This makes it easy to see what consumers are obsessing over and what they dislike in the market.

Frequent Terms

Helio identifies frequent terms in consumer reviews so you can keep a pulse on your customers and adapt quickly based on feedback.

Feature Snapshot: Key Purchase Criteria.

Helio’s Key Purchase Criteria analyzes the features and functions that customers have indicated in product reviews are most important when they are making a purchase decision. It compares your brand performance on each key purchase criteria with your competitors.

What Makes Helio’s Consumer Insights Different

Helio provides the most comprehensive CPG brand data on the market with 1.5+ million brands from 200+ data sources. That data is enriched for deeper analysis with 300M+ consumer reviews from key sources like Amazon, Target, Ulta, Chewy and more.

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