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Discover emerging brands and review comprehensive industry research to inform your corporate ventures investing and programmatic M&A strategy.

Sourcing and Diligence in the Omnichannel Age

Don’t miss out on deals and opportunities with any of the 575K+ emerging CPG brands in the United States alone. Helio’s CPG data intelligence platform is like an investment analyst constantly evaluating 1.5M brands and 16M attributes so you get the alpha you need to invest ahead of the curve.

Why Helio Makes CPG Investment Analysis Easy

Brand Identification

Helio aggregates its brands from 200+ sources—both online and offline—so you have a comprehensive, up-to-date database of the most relevant brands at your fingertips.

Speedy Diligence

Helio’s Brand Comparison enables you to select, filter, and compare sales, door counts, social followers, website traffic, consumer reviews, distribution channel mix, in-store velocities and more in just a few clicks.

Market Trends & TAM Analysis

Helio’s Trends and TAM Analyses identify emerging trends, so you can capitalize on the growth of related brands while validating the size, saturation, and key dynamics of categories of interest.

Feature Snapshot: Helio Growth Predictor

Predictive Intelligence: Helio’s proprietary growth algorithm analyzes hundreds of data points to predict the breakout brands of tomorrow. Sourcing & Diligence experts leverage multiple filters in Helio to focus on relevant brands in their industry. The Helio Growth Predictor (HGP) score has a proven track record of predicting breakout success early—including early identification of brands such as Liquid IV and SuperGoop. With Helio’s predictive intelligence metrics, you can predict future brand successes and act swiftly to invest or acquire them before it’s too late.

The Helio Difference

Helio provides the most comprehensive CPG brand data on the market with 1.5+ million brands from 200+ data sources. Users can get hyper-targeted in their brand comparison analysis by surfacing insights from 300M+ consumer reviews and 16M+ brand attributes that will provide an unmatched view of your markets of interest. Want to see Helio in action? Take a look at how our friends at BTomorrow Ventures leveraged our platform for sourcing and market intelligence.

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