Identify Trends Before They Peak

Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends to beat the competition and capture market share using Helio.

Trend Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Spot emerging trends before they peak. Helio’s forward-looking intelligence platform helps you get in front of the categories, ingredients, and product attributes that customers obsess over in near real-time.

Never Miss a Trend Again

With Universal Data from Helio, you see the entire universe of consumer goods data (not just sales or social media) and with new data added constantly, you’ll never have to worry about missing a trend again

See the Future

With Helio’s predictive intelligence metrics like HGP score, you have a crystal ball into the future of your category so you can act swiftly to disrupt categories, dominate market share and monetize trends before they peak

Put Your Customers at the Heart of Innovation

With more than 300M customer reviews analyzed for themes Helio puts the voice of your customers front and center to inspire innovation and drive decision-making

What Feeds Our Trends Data in Helio?

We aggregate insights across a diverse set of sources to paint a full picture of what’s trending, what’s here to stay and what’s just a fad.

Feature Snapshot: Helio Trends Dashboard

The Helio Trends Dashboard surfaces trending categories (e.g. beverages), sub-categories (e.g. energy drinks), and product attributes (e.g. caffeine free) to provide users with a single view of their industry and which brands are poised for growth.

What Makes Our Trend Intelligence Different

Helio provides the most comprehensive CPG brand data on the market with 1.5+ million brands from 200+ data sources. The Helio Growth Predictor, our proprietary algorithm, uses that data to identify the fastest growing brands across categories and markets, providing you with real-time insights into emerging brands and potential competitors.

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