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Discover market and category whitespace to inform new product development with Helio.

Understand Whitespace to Stay One Step Ahead

The best innovations are born at the intersection of your customers’ unmet needs and your core capabilities. Brands that effectively identify whitespace and introduce innovative products into spaces that have market low saturation increase profits and reap the lionshare of success.

A Comprehensive View: How Helio Anayzes White Space

Helio aggregates data across 200+ sources to easily identify areas of opportunity for a market or category.

Determine Category Competitiveness and Growth Potential

With Helio’s data on 1.5M brands and the Helio Growth Predictor (HGP), you can understand market competitiveness, identify category leaders, and track noteworthy brands.

Capitalize on Emerging Trends

Identify trends while they’re still emerging so you have time to capitalize on them with Helio’s database of 16M brand attributes.

Analyze Key Purchase Criteria

Evaluate consumer sentiment to identify whitespace between existing solutions and consumer expectations with Helio’s 300M+ customer review database.

Gauge Product Uniqueness

Assess and proactively gauge the uniqueness of product concepts by researching competitors’ products and the evolving market landscape before launch.

Feature Snapshot: Helio Growth Predictor

Predictive Intelligence: Helio’s proprietary growth algorithm analyzes hundreds of data points to predict the breakout brands and trends of tomorrow. Helio Growth Predictor’s (HGP) proven track record of predicting breakout success before it happens makes it the go-to metric for innovation experts around the world.

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